Help make Symphony a wonderfully welcoming church! Each Sunday, we want every person who walks into our church, whether member or visitor, to experience the love of Christ and know the warmth of being in His body. If you are able to spark a conversation and give a warm smile (we can teach you if not!), we invite you to be part of the welcoming team!

Times: Sundays @ 9:30AM-1PM



There is nothing like breaking bread with others to set the table for fellowship. Our hospitality team works diligently to ensure that through our simple serving of food and refreshments, we share the heart of hospitality Jesus has for all! Our team oversees coffee, tea, and snacks for Sunday service, and everything from small bites to full meals for our many church events.

Times: Sundays @ 10AM-1PM and vary depending on events



Do you want to be a part of raising up children to be Christ followers and Kingdom workers? Then this ministry might be for you! The children's ministry provides childcare and Sunday School education (called Little Notes) for children who come to Symphony Church. 

Times: Sundays @ 8:15-10:30AM (once/twice a month rotation) and vary depending on events



Do you want to help foster the heart of worship at our church? Play an instrument, sing, as King David played the harp for God? Then this may be the ministry for you. We are passionate about cultivating a deeper heart of worship to honor and serve the LORD. We require all members to be committed to a Symphony small group and to have attended our church for at least 6 months before joining.

Times: Vary depending on Sun/Mon/Fri Worship. Example: Sundays @ 7AM-1PM



A huge part of our worship service cannot be done without the service of our Production Team. Behind the scenes at our production booth, our production ministry (often working with the Worship Team) is comprised of dedicated volunteers who work every week to make sure each worship service runs smoothly. Everything from mixing sound to lighting to presenting lyrics, this team will lead the congregation to worship God. If you enjoy any of these things, this could be the ministry for you.

Times: Vary depending on Sun/Mon/Fri Worship. Example: Sundays @ 7AM-1PM



They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This ministry team exists to capture important moments for our church. Join us and use your gifts to take timeless photos and videos, share our stories, and help future generations reflect on Gods faithfulness at Symphony.

Times: Vary, ad-hoc based on events



Ranging from working on Graphics, Social Media, Newsletter, and our Website, the purpose of the creative content team is to convey information to the congregation and the broader community through announcement slides, flyers, Instagram, Facebook, and other graphics that make use of the team members’ gifts and talents. This ministry team is a crucial part of our church so that all would be able to keep up with the life of our church. If you have artistic vision or a knack for communication, sign up!

Times: Vary, ad-hoc based on event





Join us in serving the youth of Boston by tutoring and helping in classrooms through our partnerships with the Edison K-8 School and the Henderson School. This ministry is a practical way to bless our neighbors and be a light in our city!

Times: At least 1 hr/week during school hours for tutoring, ad-hoc for other events



Join us as we partner with other local churches to serve our neighbors in the City of Boston that may be struggling with homelessness, drug addiction, and poverty at what we call in faith the Miracle Mile.

Times: Saturdays @ 8-11AM



Alpha is a safe, nonjudgmental space to explore the Christian faith. It's a series of open discussions focused on questions about life, faith, and meaning. During the sessions, we enjoy dinner, listen to a short talk, then dive into small group discussions to share our thoughts, perspectives, and questions. We hold ALPHA 3 times a year, and are always in need of people who love Jesus and His people. If mercy-showing, building friendships, thoughtfully listening is of interest to you - come join the ALPHA team.

Times: Thursdays @ 7-9PM


First Choice Preference

Tip: If you only want to serve in one, no need to fill out second and third preference.


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