College Summer Accountability Group Signup

Hi Symphony College family!

This summer, we'll be taking a break from our typical family groups.  Instead, we will have accountability groups! 

Christian accountability groups exist for the purpose of sharpening our “blunt edges” so that we look more and more like Christ in character and conduct.  They are for building up and encouraging one another to grow in Christ-likeness.

Joining one this summer will be a great opportunity to walk with other brothers or sisters in a more intentional way.  The groups will be much smaller groups of 3-4 people based on gender.  Groups will be formed on a somewhat rolling basis.  Each group will meet weekly for 2 months together.  If this is something you'd be interested in, please sign up by June 5th!

God bless,
Pastor Mike


If you graduated this year, or if you're a rising 5th year, we encourage you to transition to the young adult community and join a micro-church! You can learn more and sign up here: MICRO-CHURCHIf you have any questions about micro-church, please don't hesitate to reach out to to Pastor Chan ( or Pastor Mike (

Accountability Group Covenant

Two of the most essential components to a healthy, godly accountability group are consistency and mutual commitment. As we form groups of 3-4 people by gender, we want to first ensure that every person is on the same page and agrees to the baseline commitments to God and to one another. In order to do this, please read through the 3 questions below. We hope you'll agree to these and join an accountability group!